Sex trafficking or Commercial Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a ‘rape for profit’ trade, in which victims are kidnapped, coerced, deceived, transported or detained for the purpose of being sexually exploited for commercial gains. Although CSE and related forms of human trafficking clearly violate international human rights conventions, the crime brings in significant profits for the offenders and thus continues to be a growing industry. Once trafficked, the victims face violence on a daily basis. In addition to being raped multiple times a day, both children and forced adults are particularly vulnerable to violent physical abuse from owners, pimps and customers. They are also at a significantly higher risk of contracting HIV or sexually transmitted diseases. Often, they receive a mere fraction of the profits from their exploitation or none at all, making it impossible for them to provide basic amenities for themselves.
Saath Chalo identifies areas where young women and girls or children have been forced into sexual slavery and then works with the local law enforcement and other partner organisations to conduct rescue operations. Traffickers find their victims through social media network, clubs or bars, neighbourhood, educational institutions or the internet. Victims who are minors and any others who have been forced into sexual servitude against their will are removed from the crime location. They are sheltered in partner organizations where the process of restoring them from the trauma and into a life of dignity and self-respect is tended to. Saath Chalo promotes awareness to perpetuate into these realms to ensure prevention before abuse.
At Saath Chalo we have attentive ears, keen eyes, a large heart, just hands and informed feet. We enable, empower, equip and enhance people’s lives and opportunities to create a just world. A just world demands active participants and not mere spectators! Be part of the action with Saath Chalo!